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  • Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE)Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE)Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) is widely used in the chemical processing, automotive, and aerospace industries. TFE is a unique combination of chemical, heat, and electrical resistance. Chemically, TFE resists acids, steam, amine-based corrosion inhibitors, hydraulic fluids, alcohol, and petroleum fluids. TFE typically retains i
  • Fluorosilicone RubberFluorosilicone RubberFluorinated silicone rubber is a more technical term for fluorosilicone. Fluorosilicone rubber is a common term for Fluorosilicone, which is a synthetic material, not made from natural rubber.Fluorosilicone rubber is mainly used for gasket. This kind of gaskets is available from 40 to 70 diameters. It has immediate access to fl
  • Fluorocarbon RubberFluorocarbon rubberDescription:Fluorocarbon rubber can be widely used in aviation, automobile, petroleum, and chemical industries, mainly for sealing purpose. It has especially good performance in heat-resistance and or oil-resistance.The fluorocarbon rubber has other properties such as good solvent-resistance, good physical and mechanical properti
  • Fluoroelastomer FKM 2461Fluoroelastomer FKM 2461Fluoroelastomer FKM246 is the terpolymer of VDF, TFE and HFP. Due to high fluorine content, the product has excellent high temperature resistance. It resists especially to diester oil, chemicals. Fluoroelastomer FKM246 has good mechanical property. It has better resistance to oil and acid than F23. FKM2461 is widely used in
  • Fluoroelastomer Raw Gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rubber)Fluoroelastomer Raw Gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rubber):Specifications:1. Hardness: 50-85+/-5 shore A 2. Tensile strength: 8-12.5Mpa 3. Density: 1.89g/cm3 4. Elongation: 280%-320% 5 ROHS, ISO, CCC Introduction: Recently, with rapid development of technology, fluoroelastomer raw gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rob