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Brief Description of Fluoroelastomer Raw Gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rubber):
With strong acids and oxidants, FKM gums have the feature of resistance to oils and solvents. Besides, it has high temperature, and has the property of flame retardant and good weather ability, fluoroelastomer. FKM is suitable for using many fields, such as military and national defense, aerospace, electronic communication, vehicles and vessels, petrochemical and chemical processing. In the recent years, with rapid development of technology in the above industries, this product has enlarged the using scope, so the consumption has been increased too.

Fluoroelastomer Raw Gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rubber)

Fluoroelastomer Raw Gum (FKM Fluorocarbon Rubber)

Reminding and Advice:
With our FKM material, you will not have many problems to produce the end product under the settled processing conditions. We can design and supply the curing ingredient in accordance with your requirements. We promise to ensure our quality of our goods.

Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer of fluoroelastomer raw gum (FKM fluorocarbon rubber) in China. Apart from special rubber and additives, we also suppler fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, FVMQ pre-compound and compound, PTFE hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane, PTFE soft seal, PTFE micronized powder, and fluoro resin. Presently, our company has established stable trading relationship with many countries and regions globally, including America, French, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Israel and so on. So if you need further inquires and for purchase, please contact us.

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