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Brief Description:
This liquid FVMQ LFS211 is a kind of fully fluorinated two-part pumpable material. It mixed the traditional fluorosilicone with the processing benefits of a liquid silicone rubber. Its ingredient is polymethyl (3, 3, 3-Trifluoropropyl) siloxane with hydroxy end capping. Liquid FVMQ LFS211 service temperature is -55~205℃.

This liquid FVMQ LFS211 can be packed with PE plastic. Its net weight is 1kg each drum.

The kind of product must be stored in a clean, dry and properly ventilated warehouse.

This liquid FVMQ LFS211 can be transported as non hazardous goods.

Liquid Fluorosilicone Rubber (Liquid FVMQ)

Liquid Fluorosilicone Rubber (Liquid FVMQ)

This kind of liquid FVMQ LFS211 should keep away from heat. Moreover, don't put it in a humid condition. Avoid shock.

How to use liquid FVMQ LFS211 depends on the outside condition, so users must evaluate and determine whether a Fluoron product is suitable for users intended application before using it.

The Warranties:
We guarantee the products of its merchantability and fitness if some particular purpose needed.
If a Fluoron product is proved to be defective, Fluoron's only obligation, and user's only remedy, will be, at Fluoron's option, to replace the quantity of product shown to be defective when user received it or to refund user's purchase price. In no event will Fluoron be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential loss or damage, regardless of legal theory, such as breach of warranty or contract, negligence, or strict liability.


Properties of Raw Gums
Properties Value Limits
Appearance Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Viscosity, pa.s 1~40 60~250
Volatile % 3hr @ 180℃ 3 3
Acid-base property Neutral Neutral
Test Conditions Tensile, MPa Elongation, %
@ ambient temperature 1.8 200
Aging for 72hr @ 180℃ 1.5 150
Immersed in aviation kerosene for 72 hr @ 180℃ 1.5 150

Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer of liquid FVMQ LFS211 in China. Apart from special rubber and additives, we also suppler fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, FVMQ pre-compound and compound, PTFE hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane, PTFE soft seal, PTFE micronized powder, and fluoro resin. Presently, our company has established stable trading relationship with many countries and regions globally, including America, French, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Israel and so on. So if you need further inquires and for purchase, please contact us!

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