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FKM is the abbreviation of Fluoroelastomer in China. It’s also known as fluorocarbons and viton. It’s highly fluorinated carbon-based polymers to resist harsh chemical and ozone attack. But for short working periods it will take even higher temperatures. Chinese FKM is white or amber and semi-transparent elastomeric and odorless, nontoxic, non-flammable. With excellent resistance to heat, oil, chemicals and weathering, Chinese FKM can be widely used.
Special compounds are also available with new types in Fluoron Chemicals. Generally speaking, with increasing fluorine content and improved chemical resistance, FKM is characterized by low temperature requirements.


FKM can be widely used in aviation, automobile, chemistry mainly for sealing, films, tubes and are suitable for both static and dynamic of hydraulic and lubricating systems. Chinese FKM has grown into important part in the seal industry. Due to its wide range of chemical compatibility, temperature range, low compression set, and excellent aging characteristics, it is the most significant single elastomer developed in China.

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  • FKM HoseThis FKM hose has excellent resistance to high temperature, even under the condition of acids, alkali, fuels and many kinds of chemicals. Any dimension is available in accordance with customers' requirements....
  • FKM Sheets1. With perfect smooth surfaces, the fluoroelastomer sheets are even in thickness.
    2. This kind of product possesses better resistance to high temperature and chemicals.
    3. Because we have the capability to make...