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Physical Properties:
This diamine curing agent 1# is white power and it will melt at 155-160℃. This product will be soluble in alcohol or acetone.

The diamine curing agent 1# is one of curing agent for fluoroelastomer, ACM or PU and it can also be used as a modifier for synthetic rubbers. This product can also work as a curing active agent for natural rubber, butyl rubber, isoprene rubber and SBR. In addition, the vulcanizate natural and vivid colors by it too.

Packaging and Storage:
This diamine curing agent 1# can be packaged as 250g/plastic bottle. Of course, we can also package according to the customers requirements.
Dry and well-ventilated place is available for storage.

Diamine Curing Agent #1

Diamine Curing Agent #1

Diamine Curing Agent 1#
Product Name: Diamine Curing Agent 1#
CAS NO: 143-06-6
Chemical Name: Hexamethylene diamine carbamate
Synonym: Diak No.1 or HMDC
Molecular: C7H16N2O2
Molecular Weight: 160
Molecular Structure:

Storage and Handling:
The diamine curing agent 3# is stable in properties at ambient temperature. It is non hazardous without toxic. And the shelf life is 1 year. But please avoid contacting with eyes or skin when you use it, for it may irritate your skin.

Generally, diamine curing agent is packaged by 250g/plastic bottle. Of course, we can also package as customers requirements.


Assay ≥99.5%
Moisture <0.2%
Average Particle Size <10μm

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