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This FEP emulsion (fluorinated ethylene propylene emulsion) is a kind of concentrated aqueous dispersion of copolymer which combined tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP) so that it is stable. It is stabilized by non-ionic surfactant. This product has a lot of advantages, such as melt flow ability, outstanding thermal stability, distinctive chemical inertness and weather ability. Moreover, its superior electrical insulation, low friction coefficient and gas and steam permeation allow itself to work for a long-term under 200℃.

FEP Emulsion

FEP Emulsion (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Emulsion)

This FEP emulsion is widely used to process glass fibre fabric by impregnation; to produce anti-corrosion and anti-adhesion coating by spray; to make continuity film of non-pinhole by casting.


Grade FDC-1 FDI-1
Appearance Milky or yellowish even aqueous dispersion
Solid Content, W/% 50±2 50±2
Surfactant Content, W/% 6±1 6±1
pH Value 8±9 8±9
Melt Flow Rate, g/10min 2.0-5.0 5.1-8.0

This FEP emulsion is packed by plastic barrel. The net weight is 25kgs each barrel.

Transportation and Storage:
5℃ to 30℃ can be available for transportation and storage. Avoid coldness and exposure in sunshine. The shelf life is 3 months. Avoid coldness and exposure in sunshine. The shelf life is 3 months. Twice a month, slight shake containers or stir the emulsion during storage to avoid precipitation. It can be transported as non-hazardous goods.

If processing temperature is over 400℃, the oxic analyzed gases will produce.

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