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PTFE dispersion, also known as PTFE emulsion, is aqueous dispersion used in metal coating formulations, impregnation and fabric coating applications in China. A range of products are offered to meet various requirements for particle size, emulsifier type and content, and solids level. For example, PTFE sheet, PTFE joint sealants, PTFE fiber, PTFE needle felt and PTFE porous membrane are available in Fluoron Chemicals. We have significant experience in the area of PTFE dispersions.


1. PTFE dispersion is of high stability.
2. It’s nontoxic at room temperature.
3. PTFE dispersion acquires outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion, such as strong acid, alkali, strong oxidant, etc.
4. Outstanding resistance to heat, low temperature and abrasion.
5. Excellent electric insulator, which is not affected by temperature and frequency.

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PTFE Dispersion


1. PTFE dispersion is directly used in impregnating porous materials, such as asbestos, glass fiber, metal, ceramics, electric carbon and lubricating materials.
2. It’s used to make protection layer by spraying or brushing on many kinds of metal or non-metal base substances, with presence of primers.
3.Be directly used for PTFE spinning.

  • PTFE EmulsionPTFE emulsion, a concentrated PTFE aqueous dispersion, contains a non-ionic surfactant. This product is milky or yellowish liquid and it has some superior properties, including good thermal stability, excellent chemical inertness...
  • PTFE Fiber1. This PTFE fiber is made of 100% pure P.T.F.E.
    2. Good flexibility, highly compression and uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure enable itself popular at home and abroad...