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Product: low molecular weight polymethyl (3, 3, 3-trifluoropropyl) siloxane fluid with silanol groups as the endings.
Molecular: OH-(CH3CF3CH2CH2SiO) n-H.
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Index of Refraction n25D: 1.3745-1.3785
Specific Gravity g/cm3: 1.2-1.3

This fluorosilicone Oil (Hydroxyl Fluorosilicone Oil) has the feature of extreme temperature resistance and fuel resistance of common fluoro-silicone polymers with high chemical activity.

Fluorosilicone Oil

Fluorosilicone Oil


Properties Limits
Hydroxyl Content % 3.5-7

1. This fluorosilicone Oil works as the intermediate, molecular weight adjuster and processing agent for fluorosilicone rubbers.
2. The Hydroxyl fluorosilicone oil is also an important ingredient of water and oil proofing agents, defoamers, and lubricants.

This product is can be packed by the minimum 1kg/PE plastic drum.

Cool and dry place is available for storing.

Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer of fluorosilicone oil in China. Apart from fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, we also suppler special rubber and additives, FVMQ pre-compound and compound, PTFE hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane, PTFE soft seal, PTFE micronized powder, and fluoro resin. Presently, our company has established stable trading relationship with many countries and regions globally, including America, French, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Israel and so on. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us! Our company address: Building No.16, 3399 Kangxin Road, Shanghai, China.

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