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Brief Introduction:
The PTFE emulsion (polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion), a concentrated PTFE aqueous dispersion, contains a non-ionic surfactant. This product is milky or yellowish liquid and it has some superior properties, including good thermal stability, excellent chemical inertness, distinguished electrical insulating property and low friction coefficient. Regardless of preparation of non-stick coatings and impregnating of needle felt or glass fiber fabric can be processed by PTFE emulsion.

PTFE Emulsion

PTFE Emulsion (Polytetrafluoroethylene Emulsion)

Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer of PTFE emulsion (polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion) in China. Apart from fluorinated resin and emulsion, we also suppler fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, FVMQ pre-compound and compound, PTFE hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane, PTFE soft seal, PTFE micronized powder, and fluoro resin. Presently, our company has established stable trading relationship with many countries and regions globally, including America, French, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Israel and so on. So if you need further inquires and for purchase, please contact us!

  • FEP EmulsionThis FEP emulsion is a kind of concentrated aqueous dispersion of copolymer which combined tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP) so that it is stable. It is stabilized by non-ionic surfactant...
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