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This granular PTFE resin (PTFE molding powder), a homopolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, is made by the way of suspension polymerization. The products which have the ingredients of granular PTFE resin offer the superior properties of fluoropolymers, for example: retention of properties after service at 260℃, useful properties at -240℃, chemical inertness to nearly all industrial chemicals and solvents low friction and anti stick surfaces.

This granular PTFE resin has outstanding dielectric properties and stable frequency and temperature. With moderate stiffness and high ultimate elongation, this product can be used to make tubes, sheets, rods, films and other articles such as bearings, gaskets, pistons and sliding bearings for bridges, etc.

Granular PTFE Resin

Granular PTFE Resin (PTFE Molding Powder)

suitable for such industries, including chemical processing, petroleum, spinning and weaving, electrical, pharmaceutical and machinery industries. Besides, mechanical properties and creep resistance can be improved by adding some filler such as graphite, glass fiber, SiO2, MoS2 or bronze. Additionally, granular PTFE resin can also produce pelletized resin to compress molding of sheets automatically and extrude tubes and rods continuously.

Technical Data:

Grade FM702 FM7G25 FF801 FP901
Description Small Size Particle 25% glass fiber filled Pelletized Presintered
Ave. Bulk Density, g/L 380 - 800 650
Ave. Particle Size, μm 25 - 500 420
SSG 2.16 2.20 2.16 2.16
Melting Point, ℃ 327 327 327 327
Moisture Content, % 0.02 0.03 0.02 0.03
Flowability, s/100g - - 12 5.5
Tensile, MPa 32 18 26 -
Elongation, % 440 350 280 -
Dielectric Strength 100 19 70 -

Note: Typical properties are not suitable for specification purposes.

The granular PTFE resin (PTFE molding powder) need to be packaged by double layer plastic bags, ant then packed with fiber drums or plastic drums. The net weight is 25kg each drum.

Storage and Transportation:
This granular PTFE resin is stored in clean, cool and dry warehoused. Humid, dust or any other foreign particles will cause contamination. Agglomeration of the powders can be avoided, if the intensified shake can be avoided during transportation.

Safety Precautions:
If under the temperature above 260℃, the minor amount of decomposition products of PTFE resins will be given off. All decomposition products may be harmful, so these fumes must be avoided to inhalant. Ovens, process equipment and the working area must be adequately ventilated.

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