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Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fluoropolymers and relevant products in China. There are mainly 5 kinds of products in our company as follows:
1. Special rubber and additives including: fluoroelastomer raw gum, FKM fluorocarbon rubber, fluoroelastomer precompound, FKM precompound, fluorosilicone rubber (FVMQ), fluoroelastomer compound (FKM compound); fluorinated resin and emulsion, PTFE micro powder, PTFE fine powder, granular PTFE resin;
2. Fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, including sodium p-perfluorous nonenoxy benzenesulfonate (OBS), fluorosilicone oil, fluorosilicone trimer (D3F);
3. Special PTFE Products like PTFE sheet, PTFE fiber, PTFE joint sealants;
4. Special rubber products (FKM sheets, FKM cords);
5. PTFE filter membrane.

Besides the common fluoropolymers and their products, we have some special products to give customers the solution for various applications including sealing in harsh environment at high temperature, industrial filtration, water treatment and purification, etc.
As fluoropolymers are endowed with the extraordinary resistance to high temperature and chemicals over the most of the other materials, as well as the other virtues, they have been the most promising category of special functional and engineering materials. Meanwhile, due to the versatility of fluoropolymers, our customers are from various fields and industries, such as rubber processing, sealing part fabrication, wires and cables, coating preparation, etc, widely for both high-tech uses and common civilian uses, such as aerospace and aviation industry, automobile industry, chemical processing industry, oil field and mining industry, etc.

FluoronTM Chemical, we are honored to work for you.

Having research and development department and production line, we produce the products with high quality. Of course, we have also provided rapid one-step service. No matter from experienced marketing managers to well informed salesmen, or from wise technicians to practical servicing engineers, we all cooperate with each other by sharing the thoughts and intelligence.

Loyalty is the first principle in our company. It is very honored for us to be favored by so many customers. We promise just to offer top quality products. Briefly, all the products marked with “FLUORONTM” are equal to our commitment and guarantee to customers.

Science and Technologies:
We strictly supervise production procedure, so we are always at the forefront of our industry to keep up with the times. All the products from FluoronTM Chemical stand at the international top level, for example, FKM pre compounds and compounds, FVMQ, expanded PTFE sheet gasketing and PTFE micro powders and so on.

We endeavor to become the best company with highest efficiency and the best services in this fluorochemical industry of China. Competitive staff and perfect administrative system enable us to offer high-tech products to the customers as well as the top level service. So our company is well welcomed by our clients in the international market.

With good the great quality, we have established stable relationship with many countries, such as America, French, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Argentina, Iran, Israel and so on. Additionally, the fluoropolymers from FluoronTM Chemicals have met the standard of ISO9001:2000.

Our company is located in Shanghai, the major industrial city in China. As we have reduced the material recourses, in return, we pass on to our customers in lower prices. Meanwhile, we are able to utilize our proximity to the international port of our city to bring lower shipping costs to our customers' costs, as well.

Our products will perfectly and reliably fit your needs, whether regarding dimension, modality or width. If you are interested in our company, don't wait, please contract us.

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