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Chemical Name: Sodium P-perfluorous Nonenoxy Benzenesulfonate (OBS)
Molecular: C9F17OC6H4SO3Na
Molecular Weight: 626
Physical Properties:
Appearance: white or yellowish solid powder
Type: Anionic surfactant
The property of acid and alkali of water solution 1.0%: neutral
Melting Point: 250~260℃
Decomposition Temperature: 295~300℃
Critical micelle concentration: 0.07%
Critical surface tension: 19.5 dyne/cm

Sodium P-perfluorous Nonenoxy Benzenesulfonate (OBS)

Sodium P-perfluorous Nonenoxy Benzenesulfonate (OBS)


> H2SO4 (50%) @ 80℃ PASS
> NaOH (30%) @ 80℃ PASS
> HCl (37%) @ 80℃ PASS
> HNO3 (25%) @ 80℃ PASS
> Organic solvent Keep the surface activity Surface Tension of water solution @ 25℃
> 0.1% of OBS in solution 22.5 dyne/cm
> 0.01% of OBS in solution 30.5 dyne/cm

This sodium P-perfluorous nonenoxy benzenesulfonate (OBS) has the feature of high surface activity, excellent resistance to chemicals and water and oil repellent properties; moreover it has an affordable price.


Properties Limits
  F901 (Commercial Grade) F902 (Industrial Grade)
Appearance White Powder White or Yellowish Powder
Assay, % ≥98 ≥94
Ethanol Insoluble, % ≤0.5 ≤5
Moisture, % ≤0.5 ≤2
pH Value 7-8 7-8

1. The sodium p-perfluorous nonenoxy benzenesulfonate (OBS) can be used as additive for high-efficiency protein foam fire-extinguishing agent.
2. This fluorine containing surfactant (OBS) can help crude oil extraction to drain.
3. It can be used to clean steel plate.
4. This product can also produce anti static electric agent for photo sensitive film.
5. The sodium p-perfluorous nonenoxy benzenesulfonate (OBS) can also improve leveling property and lubrication of printing inks.
6. It has other application, including paper making, electrical plating and coating and impregnating.

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