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  • FKM Sheets1. With perfect smooth surfaces, the fluoroelastomer sheets are even in thickness.
    2. This kind of product possesses better resistance to high temperature and chemicals.
    3. Because we have the capability to make any width of sheet, the thickness from maximum 2000mm to minimum 0.5mm, our products can be used in any industries.
    4. At the same time, we offer other kinds of fluoroelastomer sheets, such as laminate sheets for insulation...
  • FKM Cords1. The extruded fluoroelastomer profiles and cords have smooth surface and tight tolerances.
    2. On the hand, it has excellent physical properties; on the other hand, it also has superior resistance to high temperature and chemicals.
    3. Regardless of any other kinds of fluoroelastomer, even various sizes and cross sections can satisfy the customers' requirements...
  • FKM HoseDimension:
    Any dimension is available in accordance with customers' requirements.
    This FKM hose has excellent resistance to high temperature, even under the condition of acids, alkali, fuels and many kinds of chemicals...
  • FVMQ SheetDimension:
    The FVMQ sheet can be divided into two kinds of sheets:
    The flat sheets (Up to 500 × 500mm, Thickness 1-25mm)
    The coiled sheets (Width up to 2000mm, Thickness 1-25mm, Unlimited Length)
    The fluorosilicone rubber sheets has advantages of both VMQ and its own virtues, including excellent oil resistance...